Why you must have a video outro in your youtube videos

YouTube is growing fast, and it provides an impeccable opportunity for you to grow your business or create a career for you. That is why most of us are on YouTube to grow our careers. Whatever your end goal is for YouTube- get more views to build a subscriber list to earn more money or to bring more leads to your website. The one thing that you need is more views and traffic. Without enough views, your video will not get a higher ranking, and your subscriber list will not grow.

Why you must have a video outro in your youtube videos

One of the best ways to ensure that your viewers stay on your channel to explore more videos is to have an outro in your video. What is an outro? Well, it is the end part of the video which includes clear instructions for the users to move forward. You can include an outro for subscribing to the channel, or you can add another video of your YouTube video in a rectangular box that people can click on.

Outro helps people engage more with your channel, and thus, with Canva outro maker, you can create an outro for your channel within minutes. In this blog, we will see what an Outro is? Why you must use it, and so on.

What is an outro?

The outro is the last part of a video whose main aim is to include one or many specific CTAs. Here are the things that you can and that most users put in their outro video.

  • Playlist or video: It lets you add or link a specific video or videos for people to comb through
  • Channel: If you have an alternative channel or a family channel, you can use this space to link it as well
  • Approved website: You can also link an approved list of websites which is not part of YouTube home
  • Subscribe A link for your channel which lets people click on subscribe to follow the channel.

Why do you need an outro?

  • A video requires an outro as it is a clear CTA for a business which leads to more engagement. A video creator can use the outro to direct its users towards a free blog or other videos or ask them to subscribe.
  • It ensures that the viewer stays on your channel, which increases the engagement rate of a channel.
  • It aids you in instructing your audience what to do to increase your engagement rate or subscription list.
  • It ensures that the user clicks on a relevant topic of your choice. For instance, if you want them to subscribe, you can put that in the outro or want them to watch a specific video, put a clip of that video in the outro.

Tips for creating the best outros

Use the right tools

There are quite many tools that can help you create a perfect outro for your videos. But choosing the right tool is extremely important if you want to convey the right message and clear CTA.

One of the simple tools that help with making an outro within minutes is Canva. It has templates for the same, so you will have an easy way to create an outro and an option to customize it well.

Know the end goal

Having a goal in mind while creating an outro is crucial. You cannot make it just for the sake of it. So, whether the outro’s end goal is related to that video or the channel or a series, keep that in mind. Moreover, your goal should justify the outro, and its content so that it resonates with the content of the video.

The end goal can be to increase subscribers, to engage the audience with the channel by making them explore more videos, or to drive traffic to your business.

Keep it consistent

Consistency in your outros is imperative because it creates a brand and its identity. With Canva templates, creating a consistent outro is easy. When working with YouTube videos, consistency is crucial for your videos as well as intros too.

Keep it clean

Don’t create a complicated outro as it doesn’t serve a purpose. When you keep it simple, it doesn’t allow for distractions making viewers see and act on your CTAs.

I hope these details will help you create a video that gets a high engagement rate and helps you grow your channel too.



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