What Causes Cost Overruns in the Construction Projects?

This article intends to shed light on the points that cause cost overruns in construction projects. Check out all these factors here to avoid cost overruns in your construction project.

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What Causes Cost Overruns in the Construction Projects?

Cost overruns are one of the most dysfunctional norms of the construction industry. It has become a widely accepted pattern that causes difficulties for the project owners, managers, and contractors. The problems mainly occur due to the negligent and unprofessional attitude of the involved parties.

Cost overruns are also the leading cause of claim issues and delays in project completion. The problem cannot resolve on its own. There is a dire need for involved parties to pay attention to the project activities from the get-go to identify and fix the causes.

This article intends to shed light on the points that cause cost overruns in construction projects.

Top 8 Factors Leading to Cost Overruns in Construction Projects

When the owners and project managers start a construction project, they highlight their needs and requirements according to the circumstances. In light of this situation, they decide on a budget for the project. However, when the project enters the phase of construction work, unexpected expenses emerge, increasing the cost of the project. It is essential to look into the causes of cost overruns to control them and complete the project within the specified budget.

Here are the top factors that lead to cost overruns in construction projects.

1. Poor Time Management

Poor time management is the most common cause of cost overruns in the construction industry. The labor workers and supervisors do not manage their time properly and waste hours on a routine basis. It not only increases the labor wage but also delays the project. The construction parties often involve delay experts in their projects from the earlier stages to manage the time efficiently, which, in return, saves the cost as well.

2. Inaccurate Project Estimation

Another leading cause of cost overruns in the construction industry is inaccurate project estimation. The bidding process is quite competitive in the industry. The involved parties often make incorrect estimations just to win the bid. The circumstances and scope of the project become clear with the beginning of construction, which then increases the cost.

3. Administrative Negligence

Another important cause of cost overruns in construction is administrative negligence. It can include activities like:

  • Hiring too many labor workers
  • Labor shortage
  • Wasteful spending
  • Not streamlining accounting tasks.
  • Not utilizing technology solutions.

It is important to manage the administrative task with great care and expertise to avoid cost overruns in the project.

4. Lacking Cost Planning

Cost management is one of the key responsibilities of project managers in the construction industry. However, lacking cost planning leads to increasing the budget of the project, which causes loss to the investors and owners. The planners need to pay attention to the following activities to avoiding cost overruns.

  • Budget creation
  • Budget management
  • Schedule following
  • Risk mitigation

5. Poor Communication

There is no doubt that communication is the key to success. Lack of communication causes loss in the construction industry in numerous ways. The end results are always cost overruns and project delays. Therefore, utilize a proper communication system in your project to minimize the loss.

6. Neglecting Need for Change Orders

Change orders can emerge unexpectedly. Contrarily, they are also deliberately created at some points to ensure the productivity of the project. Nevertheless, it is important to keep the option of change orders open and review all the conditions of accepting or rejecting them. Neglecting the need for change orders can cause loss to the project, leading to cost overruns.

7. Design Errors

Mistakes are part and parcel of life, and the construction industry is no exception. However, learning from the mistakes and correcting them on time is the only way of staying progressive in life. Design errors in construction work can lead to cost overruns if they are not acknowledged and fixed on time. Pay attention to this factor to limit your loss.

8. Poor Site Management

Proper site management can complete the project in a limited time within the specified budget. On the other hand, the poor site management does not only lead to cost overruns but also project delays. Both go hand in hand. You can hire delay experts from FractalExpertServices.com to review site management and schedule following, which will not only ensure on-time project completion but also cost controls.

Bonus tips to control project costs!

Now that you are aware of the top causes of construction cost overruns, you can pay attention to them and ensure to minimize their occurrence. However, that is not enough. You will also need some bonus tips to control exceeding cost in your construction projects and follow the budget requirements. So, here you go.

  • Utilize construction management software
  • Make most of cost management software
  • Review and update cost plans
  • Regularize cost reports
  • Utilize contingency plans
  • Follow the budget constraints
  • Involve experts and professionals in your project.
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