To Shape The Young Minds - Reading is Crucial

The benefits of reading at every stage of a child’s development are well documented. Happily, raising a reader is fun, rewarding, and relatively easy.

To Shape The Young Minds - Reading is Crucial

“If parents want their children to flourish better, shaping their minds to read is not enough- they should have a personal interest in reading”.

“According to new research, it has been discovered how important reading is with pleasure for shaping children’s futurist mental health and their career success”.

When a child opens a book for the first time in their life, they are excited and anticipated but later on in their life. They somehow lose interest in reading a shape with the same motivation. Whereas Books are known to help, children explore fictional and non-fictional worlds, introduction to new people, and learning the historical events which made the world better today. The books have the strength to transform children's lives by sprinkling growth, imaginations, and ensures critical thinking skills, and assisting to produce empathy in them. Reading provides children with the skill set they require to be successful in the school, work, and later on in maturity life.

It is important for parents to ensure children find their love towards reading as research has shown in many publications that shaping the young mind is necessary for their mental health and future success. No parents should force their children to read, but the kids should love to read with interest, that's when they can benefit the most.

Many people ask why it actually matters. It is non-arguable that reading has many benefits and is essential for everyone's life. The importance of reading has never been underestimated in fact research after research it has clearly made it visible how reading for happiness has stayed effective for many people. Reading does the following benefits for children and adults,

  • Academic Success.
  • Mental Health.
  • Career Growth.
  • Personality Development.
  • Economic success.

These were some of the primary benefits reading can provide you. Starting young can benefit the children to build these skills and be confident about their future goals. Handling the right book into your children's hands is essential, but at what time should we give them this gift? At a young age, parents could pick inspirational bedtime stories which their children can enjoy and be excited about. Here is an inspirational story which is top-favourite of many parents as it excites the children and let them do better in their life for their family and friends. The name is Spouts: The Whale Who Saved Christmas written by the famous Captain Philip Howe.

Many schools are encouraged to donate to public libraries where children could come and spent time. Also, schools of all levels are providing free library access for parents and children to make sure that books are accessible for every kid. Many parents cannot afford to purchase books for their children with all the necessary expenses going on in their life. For this, many countries and regions are making efforts. This is all because we have to shape our younger minds to ensure the successful economies of tomorrow.

Many parents work hard with their children to bring an interest in books and make reading times fun. It is not an easy job to raise a kid, but it's even a more challenging job to bring interest in books from your child. Before parents focused on putting their children into ballet lessons, piano practicing, or instruments interest in their children but now their preferences have changed after knowing how important it is for children to read books. Books have a more substantial impact on children's behavior, they can be self-motivating.

How can Parents engage children in books?

Parents have to make a lot of effort for their children to have an interest in reading books. Children find happiness in watching cartoons on the television or playing activities such as board games and monopoly. But parents can involve the reader as starters and introduce books uniquely and engagingly. They could start by reading stories aloud with their children. If their kids like illustration which are vibrant and exciting, it is a good idea to buy a storybook with good images on it. Short stories which finish within a few pages are also a good idea. Magical stories or non-fictional stories which come in audio or e-book is an excellent source to begin the association with books. Kids could develop a personal interest in books in any form. But ensure do not force children to read; otherwise, they would hate it.

We want children to take an interest in books and read them for their benefit, and we would never want to hate books.

Our advice

Our advice is that if the books your children are bringing home from school are not engaging or interesting, then try other libraries where they have a wide variety of readers. Do not focus on a single genre, but see what genre your children love. It is about your children interest, what if they do not prefer magical stories and prefer thrilling stories instead? Let them read it, they would do the same wonders for them. After all, the primary motive is to ensure children find personal interest in reading books.

They say “if you want your countries or your children to flourish in the upcoming future, then parents should let their kid’s find joy in reading books”. Not just educational books but also any type of book they find interest in.

Author Bio: Susan Penson is an amazing writer working at Eden-Bancrofts. She is highly appreciated for her interesting and creative stories having an imaginative side to it. She is a graduate of the University of Queens and holds a degree in Literature. A passionate writer and a literary critic are the two words that can describe Diamond.

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